If There Was No Light, They Couldn’t Throw Shade

I have never been so ready for Jesus to come back.

Our culture is one where we fight for the “right” to exterminate our own children from our bodies. The enlightened among us let our children pick their gender, take irreversible hormone “therapy” and go in for elective surgery to butcher their bodies; all in an effort to appease a psychological condition (or the imagination, immaturity, and confusion at play in younger kids). Videos with men lap-dancing on Satan are ok, but a funny video expressing Christian values is deemed abhorrent and (update!) TAKEN DOWN. Seriously, guys, we can’t give in to the mob. Give them an inch, they’ll take your soul.

The option to express opinions other than those held by the woke is slowly but surely being taken away. A little censorship here; some canceling there. Ruin this guy’s reputation; destroy that one’s credibility. Truth is not to be tolerated and must be shut down at all costs.

It seems as though a spiritual blindness has settled in over the land, as people everywhere (even in the church) call good “evil” and evil “good”. People who claim the name of Christ are compromising Biblical truth because they don’t want to rock the boat or lose the applause of the crowd.

People I love have been taken in by the lies because they seem kind. These people have good intentions and loving hearts, but they are deceived if they think people just need a friend. People need to repent and be saved from their sin. I’m not making this up. Jesus said it first. Christians who advocate for things God hates (Warnock? You listening?) are hurting people, not helping them.

Well, this got dark. Which brings me to the heart of this message.

Faithful followers of Christ: We may be surrounded by darkness but we are not overcome. Do you know why? Because we are the light.

People around us are lost, hurting, and broken. They need someone brave enough to love them and tell them the truth of the gospel. Getting rid of sin sucks, but you know what’s worse? Staying in it.

Whatever this looks like for you, start now. Use your God-given talents, resources, and passions to reach the lives of the people around you. Cook good food. Join that improv group. Write annoying articles. Be the house in the neighborhood where your kid’s friends feel safe and loved. Don’t be afraid to talk about God. Give your testimony. People need hope. We have it.

Be intentional. Jesus may not come back in our lifetime (dang it), but tomorrow is not promised.



“The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.”
~ John 1:5

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