On Protecting Others

We must protect the most vulnerable among us!

For those of you wishy-washy on this stance, let me mask you a question:

Do you even care that people are dying?

Twenty-nine and a half million people have died so far this year alone, according to worldometers.info!

Twenty-nine and a half million in 8 months!That number seems incredible to me. But many just sit back and say, “So what? No big deal.”

In fact, you’re fighting to keep your “rights” to ensure the numbers keep going up.

I’m talking about the most vulnerable population among us: babies in the womb. The disease is abortion. The survival rate is pretty much zero. Now that’s what I call a health crisis!And yet you keep going around living your life like there’s no problem.

If you are totally cool with murdering children in utero, I call bull poop on your great concern for other people. How can you be okay with dismembering infants and be totally outraged that healthy people don’t want to inject themselves with bovine fetal serum and monkey kidneys, or restrict their breathing eight hours a day for a virus with a 99.8 percent survival rate?

Listen, I know the Rona can be serious and even fatal for some. And those who want to get a jab can get one. Go for it! I’m just pointing out the utter hypocrisy of both the American government and the American people. You can’t fight for the right to murder children and then turn around and punish people who want actual medical freedom.

Abortion is evil.

Choosing not to forcibly inject potentially harmful spike proteins into your body is not.

You know what is a great idea? Staying home when you’re sick. Making early intervention therapeutics widely available so that emergency use authorization maxines aren’t the only option. Letting our children breathe actual air while they sit in a classroom all day. Not murdering babies. Common sense stuff here, people.

You know, since you care so much about kids.

Ok, have a great weekend!

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