The Upswing

I’d like to introduce you to the outfit that’s had a leading role around these parts the past week or so: Pink Leopard Print Pajamas. Can be worn with thermals underneath or as a a stand-alone fashion statement.

If you’re going to be quarantined at home with stupid Omicron, you might as well look good.

Yep. We are recovering from IT. It seemed inevitable, as everyone and their mom has popped positive in the past month or so. Cold and flu season, indeed.

Thankfully, we were prepared. And what we didn’t have, generous, kind friends filled in.

For us, it’s been comparable to a head cold. We’ve been tired and achy and congested with low-grade fevers. And it lingers.

We are thankful to have ended up with the milder variant. We know many people were not as fortunate.

I am also so grateful we’ve been strengthening our immune system for years with whole-food nutrition. There’s definitely things I don’t always do right, health-wise, but knowing how to fight disease with both prevention and medicinal supplementation has made a huge difference in our home.

That being said, we know people who are healthier than we are who have gotten their butts kicked by this virus. They survived, but not without a struggle. So again, we are grateful.

One aspect I didn’t anticipate being so rough has been the quarantine. Not good for the mental health, let me tell you! I can see why depression and other mental issues have been off the charts! Have people really done this for two years? I. Cannot. Imagine.

We seem to be on the upswing. Ben has worked from home the past couple days, while I’ve been watching mind-numbing amounts of British television. Do not recommend. But hopefully, by next week we’ll be back in the thick of life with nothing but boring memories of leopard-print pajamas.

I pray this nation is on the upswing, as well. I’ve been hearing predictions of this being the peak, with February as clean-up and March as a cautious step forward. Will Omicron be the catalyst for herd immunity? Will we have to learn how to live with Covid, as other countries have done?

Could we get back to life someday in the not-so-distant future?

I hope so.

Thankful for all the friends who have checked on us and made sure we were taken care of. We love you!


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