The Upswing

I’d like to introduce you to the outfit that’s had a leading role around these parts the past week or so: Pink Leopard Print Pajamas. Can be worn with thermals underneath or as a a stand-alone fashion statement. If you’re going to be quarantined at home with stupid Omicron, you might as well look good….

New Year, Same Me

Angela, December 31- Up a few pounds because, well, cheese. Wondering when things will finally come together because life hasn’t progressed by standards of the “American Dream”. Also, I live in an attic with my constipated cat and rang in New Years on the couch wearing teddy bear pajamas and commenting on how good people…

A Weighty Dilemma

I feel like a drug dealer. I work in a restaurant known for it’s 1,000+ calorie desserts. Most menu choices are over the daily recommended calorie intake..for one meal or one piece of cake! Gravy, cream sauce, extra want it, we got it. As I learn more about the obvious link between nutrition and…

Choosing Health

“My name is Angela, and I’m here for the muffins.” That was my opening line. I don’t even like muffins. I was sitting uncomfortably in a room full of smiling strangers. Mostly women. We all had little plates of snacks, although this wasn’t the cheesy goodness I was used to from my Pampered Chef days….