You Lost?

The internet is quite the angry place this week.

Some of the arguments are like this:

“We should be able to murder children in the womb because they will all just be killed by a mass shooter at school if they’re allowed to live now.”..or… “There’s a temporary baby formula shortage right now so obviously the only course of action is to just end babies’ lives before they begin.” I mean, you can’t argue with logic like that.

Seriously. There’s no point. If someone is in a headspace where killing children is a reasonable solution, the only thing that will change their heart or mind is God himself.

The problem isn’t politics.

It’s lostness.

The Bible calls those who decide to do life without God “the lost”. I think it’s an apt description.

“Lost” has a few different meanings.

It can refer to something we used to have but don’t anymore.

It can mean that we don’t know where we are.

Or it could mean that our opponent has already won.

I think all three apply here.

When we live life apart from God; when we divorce ourselves from his definitions of good and evil, and heck, even basic biology; we reject divine order and embrace the chaos of total depravity.

The truth that each person is made in the image of God is lost in the progressively deranged pursuit of counterfeit identity.

The morality handed down to us by God is lost as people decide that pride, selfishness, and sexual liberty are the ultimate virtues to be protected at all costs.

The beauty of living life in intimate relationship with the Creator and all the benefits therein: wisdom, purpose, forgiven-ness, assurance, peace, etc.) are forfeit as people decide they’d be much happier living life on their own terms, apart from the One who created them. And the result?

So much lost. So many lost.

The loudness and militantism of lost culture here on earth make those who belong to the kingdom of God soul-sick. The ever-widening gap between believers and secular society has left no room for nuance. It’s brought the spiritual war front and center on the world’s stage. But we know that soon, the wicked will disappear and God will have the ultimate and everlasting victory.

And, friends, we also know that God is still in the business of seeking and saving that which is “lost”.

These people, the ones who would just as soon spit in our faces than listen to reason, are LOVED. They are precious to God. And they are on their way to an unimaginably sorrowful future unless they repent and place their trust; their identity; their lives back in the hands of the One who loves them.

And we are called to be his witnesses. We are called to be his hands and feet. We are called to be with him on this mission of helping people come home.

Many will never turn from their sin and pride. But…some will! If God can change an utterly lost, depraved heart like mine, I know he can do it for anyone.


So let’s live as though we believe that. And let’s not forget that we, too, were lost and unable to do anything about it.

Christians shouldn’t be silent in the face of evil. Jesus wasn’t. The last thing the world needs is a “Christian” who blends right in. But as we speak truth and push back against the darkness, we should do so with love and care for the person in front of us, even if they hate us! People need to know the truth, and they need to know that the people of God love them. We can do both.

We have to do both.

“For the Son of Man has come to seek and to save that which was lost.” -Luke 19:10

God is still inviting, still calling lost people into relationship with himself.

May many be found.


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