We’ve got a huge problem in the church. And, no, it’s not the sodium content at the potlucks.

It’s an astonishing lack of discernment.

And I’m afraid it will lead to a great many walking away from God altogether.

I see it in the “likes” and reposts on social media. Some of the smartest, kindest, most successful women I know have fallen victim to “Christian” influencers who bear no resemblance to Christ.

Let me be clear.

If the voices you are letting speak into your life are foul-mouthed; if they have no problem with sin (just a big problem with sin being called out); if they are teaching new age practices; if they are maligning Christians who hold to the Bible: you are not following Christian influencers.

You are following pagans who are pretending to follow Christ.

Think of it logically: we look like the people we spend time with. And these influencers look nothing like the Jesus we see in the Bible. I’d dare to say it they look much more like his adversary.

I mean, come on. Glennon Doyle is literally promoting homosexuality, astrology, and abortion. You can’t think she’s a godly woman.

And yet..our churches are filled with women who idolize and emulate these people. And it’s doing immeasurable damage. If you have a church full of people who think holiness and obedience to God are optional; you don’t actually have a church. You have a social club.

So does that mean you need to stop following the Doyles and Hatmakers of the world?

That’s up to you.

It depends on what you’re looking for.

If you are looking to grow in your relationship with Jesus, I’d say the answer is emphatically “yes”.

Because these influencers exist to lead you as far away from the truth as possible.

If you are serious about wanting to grow in Christ, read your Bible. Let the word convict you. Let it challenge your opinions. Let it change your mind. The word of God is living and active. It is the heart of the Creator towards you, his beloved child.

Pray. Pour out your heart to God. Watch him do things only he can do.

Be part of a church body that exalts Christ; not popular opinion. Be known. Be vulnerable. Love and serve one another as you love and serve Jesus. Grow.

Don’t give the enemy another inch of your heart or your mind.

We are to love people struggling with all types of sin. But when we call what God calls evil “good”, we’re playing for the other team.


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