As I Lay Dying



One thought came to me as I lay in the fetal position on my couch yesterday afternoon, sick as a dog (why is that a saying?). My roommate had just suggested that I might want to wean myself off of coffee slowly. I hadn’t had caffeine in two days, and I had such a killer migraine at work yesterday afternoon that I nearly threw up by table 46. My thought was, “I’ve already gotten this far. If I go back to it again, I will have to go through this again, and I won’t because it’s really terrible. So, if I want to get to the other side, I need to go through this. The only way through it is through it.”

This made me think of some other things I’ve let go of in life, and things I will have to let go of in the future. To get from one place to another requires effort and potential hardship (loss, lack of comfort, fear of the unknown, fear of failure). I guess that you have to recognize that where you are, whether that’s geographical, professional, relational, emotional, or spiritual, isn’t working for you anymore. You have to come to the realization that something else is better for you. The things or people you choose to leave behind have served their purpose, good or bad, and now it’s time to move on. The alternative is staying in an unhealthy place.

So (me raising my glass. Of water.),  here’s to me and you, and moving onwards and upwards. Here’s to Jesus, my best friend and my best encourager through the hard places. Pushing through.


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