May I Ask Who’s Calling?


Reverend Angela. Pastor Ang. Father Angela. Just trying some different titles out here. I sat talking with my parents, trying to enjoy a nice hummus wrap at The Hill Cafe this evening. I was telling them about the 4-hour long Life -Coaching Webinar I participated in yesterday, and how much I enjoyed getting to learn and practice different techniques to get people to search their hearts and minds for the answers to their dilemmas. They listened to my reasons for wanting to be a Life Coach, and the stipulation I threw in about needing to keep my advice grounded in Biblical Principals. My step-dad looked over at me and said, “Maybe you should think about being a pastor,” and then my mom quickly chimed in “I was thinking the same thing!”.

I am not sure how I feel about women pastors. I certainly think a woman is 100% equal in her relationship with God, her ability to understand and speak the word of God powerfully (Beth Moore. Nuff said.), and in her ability to reach out and love people. Yes, we are more emotional. Many women have kids to look after and I guess that takes precedence. I do know that the Apostle Paul said that a woman should not teach men, but only other women. I’m not necessarily opposed to that, though I don’t really see why we shouldn’t be able to.

Would I even want to be a pastor? Probably not. I don’t see myself standing at a pulpit each Sunday. I do see myself married to a pastor and being a strong support and participating in leading in whatever aspects I can, but who knows if I will ever even marry?

So what do I do with my gifts and passions? I actually do have the spiritual gift of “Pastoral Leadership”, and I am fiercely on the defense against false teaching and people who claim Jesus but live no differently than the rest of the world. It kills me. For their sake, and for the sake of people witnessing yet another case of hypocrisy in the church, it has to stop.

I truly believe that social and personal brokenness will be healed one person at a time as someone realizes how loved they are and that God has an awesome plan for their life (though some take forever to get it together. #storyofmylife). I want to devote my life to helping people get in right relationship with Jesus and see them blossom with love, joy, peace, and purpose.

It’s hard to know, as a single woman, how to take all these different pieces and put them together into a life well-lived for God. Should I pursue a Life-coaching certification or not? Would it make sense to get a M-Div if I don’t want to preach? Where do I fit? Dang it!

Let me know when you figure my life out. Thanks.


P.S. A girl I did some practice coaching with yesterday (in South Africa! Her accent was awesome!) told me I seemed to be one of the more happy people she’d spoken to. So I told her it was Jesus that did that for me. When you find something as great as Jesus, you have to share it. So, whatever I decide to pursue, God must be in it.

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