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Some thoughts I jotted down in my journal:

Blog Ideas

“Making no decision is a decision in itself.”

” The Christmas I received an Aretha Franklin ‘Greatest Hits’ CD and a bag of potpourri and I cried because no one knew me.”

“If all else fails I can get a job as a Rachel Dolezal impersonator.”


Sometimes God will lay something on my heart, and I have no trouble getting the words flowing on to the…tablet.  You lose a bit of that “accomplished” feeling not using pen and paper, but God wrote on tablets, so…Anyway, and you’re welcome for not writing N.E.Wayz like I did in high school, at other times it’s hard to know what to write about.

What I do know is, I was born to be a writer. Everything I love, I want to share with people through the written word. I love putting my dumb jokes and my heartfelt convictions out there, inviting someone into the world as I experience it. I am a writer. I don’t know how I forgot that.

So, I will not be needing that 8,000 dollars for a Life coaching degree. I can read some books on it and call it a day. Or go for the 69.95 degree from Juskidin U. I do want to inspire, encourage, motivate, and speak life. I can do that through writing ( thank God, because I ain’t nobody’s preacher. Amen?). I love writing.

Another couple passions of mine are travel and mission work. Guess how I love to share my experiences and the rich relationships formed? Pantomime is obviously my first choice, but writing is a close second!

Today I stopped by the Tuckahoe Library and picked up 5 books on writing and freelancing. I am looking forward to getting some insight and helpful tips on how to get started!

Thanks to all of you who have been my sounding board, and even my diving board at times. Because you encourage me to jump.



Me and my parents this past weekend at Belle Isle

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  1. Deb Mills says:

    You go, Girl. I love reading your writing. Let the words flow…


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