Friday Favorites and a Giveaway!


When my best friend Julie started talking to me about Essential Oils, I was skeptical to say the least. She claimed they worked for headaches, colds, nausea, indigestion, that time of the month, sleeplessness, hot flashes, kidney stones, and basically anything that wasn’t a severed limb. The DoTerra oils were also Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade, which meant that many are safe to ingest.

I’ve been friends with this chick since third grade (reppin’ Fairfax Villa Elementary!) so I know that she doesn’t get taken in by the latest “it” thing. She’s a researcher and a question asker and a bigger skeptic than I am. So, I guessed they must work. For her.

The next time I was at her house, I had a slight headache. She gave me a little Peppermint Oil to rub on my forehead, and..the headache disappeared. Hmm. The more Julie talked about all the ailments that Essential Oils had helped in her own household, the more interested I became. I browsed through a catalog and ordered a “Family Physician Kit”, which had nine oils and a bonus Slim and Sassy Oil for appetite control, and also came with “membership”, which guarantees me wholesale prices whenever I order. I don’t sell them, but I have the option to sell just by being a wholesale member, because you automatically get your own DoTerra website when you join, and people can buy through my page.

I tore open the box like a kid at Christmas when it arrived, and spent the next week trying all of my new oils. My favorites were Lavender for a relaxing, good night’s sleep, On Guard for keeping my mom and I germ-free and feeling great while sequestered in a house with a very sick sister and dad over Christmas, and Lemon, which is anti-bacterial, so you can add it to a spray bottle of water and clean your counters with no chemicals, or diffuse it to freshen up any room and make the air citrusy-clean. Peppermint oil was also a huge asset while I was in Uganda this February. Two out of four of us were throwing up and having intestinal issues. I was not one of them, but on two separate occasions I was dead sure I was going to be very sick very soon. The first time was on the way to safari. In the middle of Nowhere, Africa. I remembered another friend saying Peppermint oil knocked out any upset stomach issues, so I put a few drops in a big water bottle and chugged. Fifteen minutes later, my certainty that I would soon be very embarrassed on the side of the road was gone. I was fine and didn’t have any issues the rest of the day. Two days later, I did it again with the same results. I was sold.

Another cool thing about the oils is that you can mix them to make home remedies: for example, Oregano, Melaleuca, and On Guard combined and applied to the bottom of the feet is called a “Cold Bomb” because the anti-viral properties in the mixture knock out nasty cold viruses. Lavender, Lemon, and Peppermint in a veggie capsule take down seasonal allergies: all without side effects! They also come in Blends, like Deep Blue, which my mom swears by for arthritis pain.

I love my oils and I love to let people try them at work to help with headaches, stomachaches, and anxiety (Cedarwood!). I am excited to share my experience with you, because to feel better naturally, without taking drugs, is huge.  I love that these oils are plant and mineral based, because putting chemicals in my body just seems stupid if there’s a more natural, effective alternative.

Ok, so here’s the give-away: I will randomly choose one subscriber (you can subscribe now if you haven’t already!)  to receive a bottle of Lemon Oil on me! (Continental U.S. only, please). Just go to the website,  browse the oils and come back and leave a comment saying which one you would love to try! The giveaway closes after Sunday, so that I can announce the winner on Monday!

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