God Dreams

I love knowing that God still speaks to his people.


I’ve heard him. Like, actually heard him. It was when I was twenty-five, debating a move. I was laying in bed, somewhere between consciousness and sleep, when a very clear,deep voice said “Go to Richmond.” God is a man? of few words but was kind enough to repeat himself when I said “What?”. Leave it to me.

So, come to Richmond I did and I’ve never looked back. I’ve also never heard God speak again, but I know one time is more than most people get so I’m grateful.

I have had four God dreams since, though. I don’t know how to explain the difference except I just know they aren’t regular dreams. Other believers I’ve met have had the same experience. My friend Julia had a dream she was rushing to save a college full of people from a bomb threat, and then when the bomb detonated she was in heaven. She was a little girl again, as was everyone else there. She was wearing a fancy dress and sorting through a treasure chest of jewels.  Ok, her’s sounds weird. But it’s her God dream.

In my first God dream I was trying to fall asleep, however, I was on a cot in the jungle. I could see through my mesh cot to the ground below, and there was a big white snake coiled underneath: staring at me. I was terrified, but somehow managed to fall asleep, huddled up in a tight fetal position. In the morning, when I woke, I saw that the snake was still there but his head had been cut off.

Another God dream found me in a chauffeured cream-colored Rolls Royce. It was late evening, and I was in the backseat with my friend Nick. His step-mother was up front next to the driver. We were driving 64 East into the city, but all the cars were at a stand-still, and I quickly saw why. Before us lay Church Hill, and we could see it was on fire. The flames were high at the base of the hill, and they were unstoppable.The city was in eminent danger. As we sat, we noticed a force moving down the highway. This was no ordinary fire. It was atomic. It swept towards us, blowing out all the windows of an office building. It was as headed straight for us and there was nowhere to go. Strangely, I wasn’t afraid.  I shut my eyes tight and prayed for God to save Nick. The heat surged over our car…and then I woke up.

My third God dream was somewhere between sleep and wakefulness..I was lying in bed and saw a huge spiritual battle right over my head: lightning and all. Scary, but again, I know God is bigger so I have nothing to fear.

My fourth dream is my favorite. This one doesn’t need interpretation. I asked God to show me the baby I lost, and that very night I saw her as a sweet, caramel skinned infant, as an adorable five year old in a white party dress with a poofball-afro ponytail, and as a woman, beautiful and happy. Jesus was right next to her, and held her five year old hand. I loved this dream. Also, the pic above is one I stumbled across and cried because it matched my dream so perfectly!

Although not all of them were pleasant, in each one God showed his power. In the last he showed his love. In times of doubt or sadness, I am thankful to have these reminders that God is very real, and very much in charge.

Have you ever had a God dream? I’d love to hear about it!

Happy Friday, y’all. This weekend should be a good one. Our friend Justin is coming up for the weekend and tomorrow we’re going hiking and then throwing AshCap’s going away party! Should be fun!


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