What’s Your Superhero Name?


We all love a good superhero story.

Someone steps out of obscurity, scared to go to battle but armed with secret powers and a sense of duty. He swoops in, putting his own life at risk, to save the people from the evil plot of the nefarious villain.

There are suspenseful fight scenes, and once or twice we doubt that our hero will be able to conquer his opponent, but in the end he finds his strength and banishes the villain to a lifetime of hard labor on a faraway planet.

The world is safe, once again, for the time being.

However, I can’t help but wonder, what if our hero decided he just wasn’t up for the task?

Needed to focus on himself for awhile? Wasn’t interested in venturing outside his comfort zone? Figured someone else would do the job?

If Clark Kent chose to keep his super powers under wraps because he was already stressed enough with his job at the paper, there would be no story to tell. Someone braver would step up to save the day, or evil would win out. Either way, Clark would be living life way under his potential, daydreaming about Lois Lane, and squandering the gifts he’d been given to help humanity.

It would be sad.

It was would be wasteful.

Ok, now let’s flip the script.

Have we embraced the adventure and challenge of truly living for God?

What gifts have we been given to help others that we are keeping to ourselves?

There are opportunities every day for us as believers to fight against evil.

Think about it this way: Jesus, our real-life, flesh and blood Savior, stepped out of heaven to put himself in danger for our salvation. He died, and rose again, showing that he had victory over even the most impossible circumstances. In Jesus, love wins. Evil is toast.

However, the story doesn’t end there.

We get to participate in this epic battle. Our story is interwoven with the millions of other warriors on the side of good. The question is, will we pick up our weapons and fight?

We fight evil with good. We fight lies with truth. We fight sin with holiness, and malice with kindness. We fight oppression with freedom, and we fight apathy with compassion. We literally have the antidote to death living inside of us in the person of Jesus; in the reality of the Gospel.

We have to get outside of ourselves. We have to pray. We must take opportunities to interact with and intercede for the people around us in desperate need of a Savior. We must boldly take on the responsibility that God has entrusted us with.

Will we get out of our comfort zones and live a story worth telling?

Pick your superhero name, and get out there.


The Green Eyed Grecian

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Andi Garcia says:

    Love this…mine is La Guerrillera..(female/lady warrior)


    1. Angela says:

      Awesome!! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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