40:40 Day 17


I lost a baby when I was just twenty-three years old.
I didn’t even know I was pregnant until I miscarried.

At the hospital they confirmed what was happening, and then once everything seemed okay they sent me home. 

My boyfriend at the time was less than supportive, and as time went on I cried less and tried not to think about the child I would never see.

I have always felt it was a girl, and a few years ago I asked God to show her to me.

That night I dreamed about my daughter. I saw her first as an infant, then as a child of five or six in a beautiful white dress, with a cute afro-poof ponytail. She was holding hands with Jesus. Then I saw her as a stunning young adult. Upon waking, my heart felt glad to know she was with God, and that I will get to meet her one day.

A few months afterwards, I stumbled across the picture at the top of the page somewhere on the internet, and it nearly took my breath away because the child is so similar to the one I dreamed of. I don’t believe it was a  coincidence. 


For God to raise up an army of warriors who will do battle on their knees against the forces of evil.

*For J’s back to be completely free of lumps and masses.


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  1. 20017crochet says:

    My heart go out to you. I’ve lost 7 babies thru either miscarriages or tubal pregnancies. I also was in my 20’s. Now I am visited almost daily when red cardinals come. I believe it is what you dreamed. He is showing you it was real.


    1. Angela says:

      Thanks, Diane. I believe they are absolutely with Jesus and we will see them again!

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