40:40 Day 25

Once upon a time I worked with a girl who was being tormented by demons.

She confessed to me one slow afternoon that her boyfriend had been followed by them, and had brought them into her apartment, and now she would go home in the middle of the day and try to take a nap and they would circle around her, sometimes even entering her body and giving her a surge of power that she described as “really bad”.

She wasn’t a Christian, but she was freaked out enough to agree to let me pray over her in the bakery closet. I pleaded with Jesus to cover and protect her from the evil spirits.

A few days later I hesitantly asked how it was going. She said she could still see them but they could not enter her body no matter how hard they tried. 

I definitely believe God showed up, even though to my knowledge this woman has never become a Christian. In fact, a few years later, after moving away, she stopped by work for a visit, and when I asked her how everything was going that situation she said it had been diagnosed as sleep paralysis. Confused, I asked how that could be true since her boyfriend had seen the demons, too. She just shrugged it off. I guess the truth was too much to bear, so she preferred to just explain it away with a psychiatric “diagnosis”. 

Anyway, I know the truth is that God is bigger than evil, and that both exist, and the whole thing strengthened my faith in his power and presence.

Prayer: For God’s power to give us courage to stand up and pray through our biggest obstacles.

*Complete, permanent healing for J and for her family to praise his name when it happens!

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