A Weighty Dilemma

I feel like a drug dealer.

I work in a restaurant known for it’s 1,000+ calorie desserts. Most menu choices are over the daily recommended calorie intake..for one meal or one piece of cake! Gravy, cream sauce, extra cheese..you want it, we got it.

As I learn more about the obvious link between nutrition and disease, I find myself in an ethical dilemma. 

I won’t eat ninety percent of what we offer at my work. I’m even saying goodbye to the Truffle Grilled Cheese sticks as I wean myself off dairy. I wholeheartedly believe whole food, plant based nutrition is the prevention for most illnesses we face today, which is why I’m excited to be eating as healthfully as I can and why I’m getting on board with the Juice Plus company.

I don’t feel good about putting a plate in front of someone that will take them one meal closer to heart failure.

This is coming from someone who has struggled with weight and overeating her entire life..I lose the weight, get hot, and then start eating buffalo wings again. No more, though. I don’t choose to be sick! I want to feel as good as possible, and I want everyone I love there with me!

What would you do? 

P.S. I may be changing my blog name soon haha. But seriously..



Also, fifteen pounds gone!!! 🙂

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