Here we Go

I’m in love.


I said it.

Let me back up for a minute.

This year has been a roller coaster of emotions, mostly leaving me face-down in bed with the covers pulled over my head.  Don’t worry, I left enough of an air pocket for my wine.  I know you were concerned.

So back in January, God gave me the go-ahead to quit my job and I obeyed (giddily). I have a business I love, but I have some time and work to put in before it reaches sole income status. No worries! I  knew I could easily get another job and I thought it might be fun to get out of the serving industry and maybe take a part-time job somewhere I aligned ethically with such as Trader Joe’s. Actually that’s the only place I applied and when they didn’t trip over themselves to hire me ( I mean EVERYONE I talked to thought I’d be perfect there except the general manager who literally said “I honestly just haven’t made up my mind about you” and then called me a week later to read me a scripted rejection statement). My confidence was a bit battered after the TJ’s debacle. Next I applied to a little mom and pop restaurant that’s closed on Sundays. No dice.  I mean, I know I’m a little older than when I first got in the game but come on! I’m a good employee! Reliable, trustworthy, on time, full head of hair! What more do you want, people? I finally did score a job at a healthy café but the pay, which seemed doable at the time, really isn’t. Plus when you only get scheduled one day a week  it makes you wonder if it’s worth it. Nope.

Let’s take all this and then sprinkle 2,500 dollars worth of owed taxes on top. You with me?

I think it would be fair to say  I’ve been mildly depressed and overwhelmed. When God tells you to do something and then doesn’t roll out the red carpet and throw cash out of the sky it makes you wonder if He knows what He’s doing…like,” You really want me to trust you?  You aren’t opening the doors I expected you to open and this is hard and uncomfortable: two of my least favorite words, by the way, in case you’re listening! Did you call me out of a good paying job just to leave me looking like some kind of pathetic fool? How will I afford Bentley’s Buju and Ziggie cat food? Will I ever eat Chicken Fiesta again and how in the name of Ryan Gosling am I supposed to go to Phoenix for our conference in April? ”

Okay, I’m done. Even though 2018 has not been easy, there has definitely been some GOOD. Maybe even some great.

One, I have been getting to know more people in my church, specifically through small groups. I go to a Monday morning Bible study at the Sugar Fix Bakery in Ashland (it’s basically a moms’ group but they let me come anyway), a Tuesday night gathering where we are learning how to put on the Armor of God (Priscilla Shirer! SO GOOD!) and I sporadically attend a Friday night dinner and fellowship group where I made a new friend (Hi, Myla!). Church itself ( has been transformative and I am growing in my faith walk. It’s amazing how some good teaching Sunday can change the rest of the week!  I am thankful for this body of believers and  friendships both new and restored (I keep running into old coworkers there and God is doing big things!).

Two, I have the most amazing team on the face of the planet.  I’ve never been part of such a loving, supportive work environment and I can’t get enough! Not only do I have a holy obsession with what we get to do (helping people get healthy easily, naturally, and affordably) I never tire of doing life and “business” with my people.  It . Is. So. Fun.  When we don’t have an event planned I miss them and the excitement of letting more people in on something that could change their lives forever.  I have an incredible upline of three godly women who truly want to serve others and for me to succeed and reach my goals. I’m also slowly growing a team of my own, and let me tell you how much it blesses me to dream with them and strategize ways for them to impact the most people with the gift of health and financial freedom, all while creating a life they love! There’s nothing better!

Can I say again how absolutely blessed I am by these women? They give up their evenings, pay for me to attend events when I can’t afford it, and pour into me and my team each and every day. They care about ME and MY goals. Truly.  I know that because I feel the same way about my team. It has to be about them, because otherwise I’m in this for the wrong reasons.

I’ve had the goal of becoming Sales Coordinator on my dream board for the past ten months, but I couldn’t get there on my own. It truly is a team effort, and I wasn’t sure if we’d make it. I had to be okay with that and put the needs of my team first. Then, one by one, the pieces started falling into place. My sweet friend Winnie from my time at Calvary Chapel got her second promotion, and then Julie showed up out of nowhere (old coworker I reconnected with at church) and knocked her first promotion out in four days! In the eleventh hour, Tiffany (hilarious new friend from Tuesday night Bible study, tried to save her phone number in my calculator and she still loves me) blew it out of the water and hit her Virtual Franchise, earning a $250.00 bonus check and in turn pushing me to hit the position of Sales Coordinator. I cried when it was official. Not only am I now at the top commission level in our company, but with a thousand dollars in bonus money on the way, I’m not as worried about taxes as I was just a few days ago.

To add the cherry on top, my dad found some airline miles and now that I also have a free conference ticket, guess who’s on the way to Phoenix next Wednesday to celebrate at conference?

My point is, I guess, that life is hard and good. Both. God may not be doing things the way I thought he would, but this season of trusting Him and watching Him show up time and time again is priceless because it will grow my faith in a way that “easy” never could. Following God is not a straight line to where you want to be, but it’s the only route I ever want to take.  And that route apparently doesn’t include Trader Joe’s. Regardless, He provides. Every time.  I’m in love with the adventure God has me on, and the people he has given me to journey with. That’s right; I tricked you at the beginning into thinking I had a man.

Your friendly neighborhood Sales Coordinator,





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