A Little Updatey Update

Mrs. Matthews here. It’s been almost two months since I walked down the aisle (well it was more a grassy pathway) to marry the best man in the whole world.


We had a wonderful day surrounded by a few of our favorite people and it DIDN’T go by in a blur! We rented a beautifully restored farmhouse for the weekend so after most guests had gone home our bridal party sat around a fire pit and made s’mores! It was a perfect, intimate celebration and we were thrilled with how it all came together!

For our honeymoon we drove down to a little cabin in the mountains outside of Asheville, NC and after a couple days we ventured south to Charleston, SC, stopping in Columbia and Greenville on our way down!

Life back home has been a transitional process: moving into a new home and living with two other people is both wonderful and challenging. It is taking some time to get the house to feel like “home”  but there’s no place I’d rather be!

It is exciting to have the holiday season so close! I can’t wait to decorate the house and celebrate with my new little family and all of our friends!


What’s good right now:

1. Working from home. Making my own schedule and being able to contribute to our family without going to a J.O.B.

2. Having time to make healthy, delicious meals for my people. Experimenting with plant-based recipes and finding some winners!

3. I’m in two Bible studies during the week and I am learning about the power of prayer and the book of Acts! Great women in both groups and I feel like I am growing in my walk with God.

4. Being in my own family now, and the extended family I have gained through marriage. Again, blessed.

What needs improvement:

1. Motivation. I‘m not a consistent scheduler and I need to be. If I don’t have a list or a plan for the day it can lead to feeling depressingly unproductive.
2. Working out. See item 1.
3. Having a consistent work time every day (again, item 1).

Ok, I’m going to go make a schedule for next week. Or watch Gilmore Girls. We’ll see.



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