B (Less) ed


“Of course,  godliness with contentment is great gain” ~ 1 Timothy 6:6

I just want to lean into this verse, hug it tight and let it sink in slowly,  taking up residence in my bones.

The very appeal of it is strange to me. I always thought I’d end up living in some exotic place on the other side of the world. Definitely not the suburbs. God, please not the suburbs.

But here I am, with a husband and a little person in a “good school district”. Whose life is this?

Of course, I have no idea what I’m doing. God has been so gracious to me every step of the way, teaching me the answer to every new situation is to simply love well.
Especially when I’d rather sit in my feelings. I am getting the hang of this new season. Slowly.

So how do I do this thing well? I want to have purpose and impact here. Yes, here in the land of 2.5 and 13.1. I am learning who I am here, in this not-far-off land.

For me, the answer is simple. Like, ”simple” is the answer. I’m not interested in the standard “good, busy, tired”. I want more, and I think that more is found in “less”.

To us (because God knew what he was doing and my husband feels the same) this means cooking healthy food for my family, and making time for our friends. Creating a warm and comfortable home. Sharing a meal with people, inviting others in. Having time to be with God and to play games with our little person. Actually loving our neighbors. Not filling our calendars with busy work. Being content with what we have.

There is a part of me that wrestles greatly  with this sort of life. After all, it’s not what I pictured. I struggle with not being “successful” or “doing” enough. But then I realize that’s a bunch of crap.

Success is obeying God and loving well, not letters behind my name or a bunch of likes on Facebook. It’s not chasing after the next thing. It’s being grateful for my blessings.

It is okay to have a wildly successful career, but it’s also okay to find purpose in connection over coffee or in taking time to just “be” outdoors in God’s creation. There’s peace in that freedom, isn’t there?

 Off to make my grocery list..




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