I accidentally made soup last night.

I found a recipe for White Chicken Chili in a book I borrowed from Hoopla (free digital library app! Check it out! And that’s a library pun 😳). I took a screenshot of the ingredients and instructions but forgot the name of the recipe. I started calling it “Salsa Chicken” because, well, it has chicken and salsa (along with white beans and chicken broth) but when I added the liquid it was much more than I’d anticipated. Huh. My chili is normally thick and hearty but this was definitely…soup.

Thankfully I’d made a big Instant Pot batch of brown rice earlier. I love my Instant Pot. And.. I’m old. This is what I write about now. Soup.

Anyway, it was actually delicious and simple, so here’s the recipe:

Serve over rice, like me, or not if you actually like soup. Put out some chips and fresh guacamole ( I used four avocados, two limes, half a red onion diced small and generous salt) and invite a couple friends over!

Have a souper weekend! Okay, I’m done.


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