Have you ever been the chunky girl trying to create a business in the health and wellness industry? The only one happily spreading butter thick on a warm baguette while your team spritzes lemon wedges over their quinoa and beet superfood salads? The one who just wants to drink a fruity glass of red and…

Healthy (ish) Recipes and Meal Planning

Does anyone else get excited to plan a dinner menu for the week? No, just me? Alright then. It has been a month. Stratas and barbecue and burgers, oh thighs. It is time. Healthy eating time, that is. If I lose ten pounds a week from now until June I can still hit my goal….


I accidentally made soup last night. I found a recipe for White Chicken Chili in a book I borrowed from Hoopla (free digital library app! Check it out! And that’s a library pun 😳). I took a screenshot of the ingredients and instructions but forgot the name of the recipe. I started calling it “Salsa…

Blue Apron

I’m extra basic when it comes to cooking. I have a few super-simple go-to recipes and I fill in with a shake, a big salad, and prepackaged food like veggie burgers or vegetable fried rice. You might say I’ve fallen into a predictable rut. I’m okay with that, but it can be a little boring….

Fabulous Friday Fun: Fig Jam Puff Pastry

Puff Pastry: Warm, buttery, soft, and flaky. Add a sweet or savory filling. It can be used as the base for so many delicious recipes. This is a super simple recipe that I made up. No exact measurements.  Make sure you thaw the puff pastry on the counter for about 20 minutes, and preheat the…