Have you ever been the chunky girl trying to create a business in the health and wellness industry? The only one happily spreading butter thick on a warm baguette while your team spritzes lemon wedges over their quinoa and beet superfood salads? The one who just wants to drink a fruity glass of red and gaze thoughtfully at the ocean when everyone else thinks it’s fun to run over miles of sand and then turn around and run back? There’s moments where you look around and think, “These are not my people.”

I try, guys. I spent hours in the kitchen yesterday making two types of vegan cheese, vegan ranch, and two different beans in the Instant Pot so I can be some kind of prepared and not make unhealthy choices. Maybe some vegan peanut butter cookies, too, but that was for Bible Study. Which didn’t end up happening. I drink a plant-based protein shake every morning which isn’t hard because it’s actually delicious. But the rest of the

I know plants are healthy. I know processed foods are not. I know exercise is important. And I walk and bike. But it’s not my jam. Jam is my jam. On real bread. It’s a problem.

I am so thankful for my Juice Plus. It is my one constant good thing I do for my body. I keep making declarations of how I’m going to start eating healthy and then the next day someone invites me to lunch and I just can’t bring myself to pay fourteen dollars for a sneeze of balsamic on a plate of cucumbers.

Of course, my husband has this annoying habit of being able to eat garbage all day, erry day, and stay pretty much the same weight. It’s fun. I know many people have actual serious issues they deal with every day, but this is something I’ve struggled with most of my life. It’s all or nothing with me. I stay strong and lose weight, and then the Buffalo-wing backslide shoots me right back to where I started. There has to be some kind of middle ground where I can eat healthier but still have the will to live. I tried one of those programs where they plan all your meals for you and give you a grocery list, but it was pretty meat-heavy and I don’t think not being able to go to the bathroom is a sign of a healthy body so I quit after a few weeks.

I’ll find my groove. I know I’m loved just as I am, but I want to be kinder to my body. It still has to function for the next 40 years or so, and I dread going into older age unhealthy. Again, grateful for Juice Plus. But I need to do better.

Hope everyone has a happy Friday! And try that vegan nacho cheese sauce I linked to above..actually REALLY good!


P.S. I am actually meeting these beautiful, healthy people for a girls’ day today and they never make me feel anything but loved and welcome. So it’s a “me” struggle, and I am thankful for their friendship.

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